FA Micro Kart

The name Micro clearly denotes that the renewed model has been created for the youngest drivers, it has been studied and realized in order to satisfy all children’s needs.
The Micro has been manufactured paying great attention to all main safety standards, such as the front and lateral bodyworks and the iron rear bumper, so that the youngest can enjoy themselves in a thoughtless and safe way.
The Micro is provided with apposite systems which allow to adapt the seat place to drivers having a different height. Our technical department has developed a system of slides which allow to adjust the pedals and the seat with a few easy and fast movements.
Thanks to this systems of adjustments the Micro can be used by the same driver for a long time without any problem. The frame is Ø 25mm and all the components, in aluminium machined by OTK, will be similar to the top model, the Mercury. 
The Micro is available with two different engines: the Honda GX35 or Comer C50.

Micro technical description:

  • Wheelbase: 787 mm (31 inch for USA)
  • Frame diameter: 25mm Axle: 25 mm
  • Brake: mechanic rear brake system
  • Components: alluminium Rims: AXPQ 110/130
  • Seat: OTK adjustable
  • Rudder Pedal: OTK adjustable
  • Rear bumper: iron