Tony Kart Rookie

ROOKIE is the TONY KART chassis homologated from 2010 to 2014 particularly conceived for international and national categories. 
The frame, with a step of 950mm, is equipped with a new column support; thus, ROOKIE’s design is more and more similar to the TONY KART’s top chassis one. 
This support ease the adjustable foot support assembly, a separately-sold OPTIONAL.

The BSM braking system, hydraulically operated, is equipped with a new forged aluminium caliper, improving its mechanical features, with double-fixing braking pads and with a new steel brake disc designed in order to allow a weight decrease, a higher heat dispersion and a better pad cleaning.

The new M5 bodywork and the new M5 rear protection, are based on the well-known M4 side-box, installed on KF and KZ chassis and used in occasion of the major international competitions.

Rookie Gallery

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