Basz leads the KF class in the WSK Super Master Series In Adria

  • Basz AdriaClear victory with Basz in KF class in the first round of the WSK Super Master to Adria
  • Drugovich won three heats and started first in the pre-final of KFJ
  • Backman continues its growth in the difficult KZ category
  • WSK Super Master Series race calendar
  • Rankings

KF. The first round of the WSK Master Series Super has stained the "Blue" Kosmic in KF. On the new Adria International Raceway track, our Karol Basz clearly won the final, without suffering the pressure of his chasers, led by Nicklas Nielsen (Tony Kart-Vortex).
Basz started the weekend with a top performance, signing the second time, winning a heat and finishing second in the other. It was evident that the preparation of the chassis was at the highest level and the victory within reach of our driver.
Basz won the "B" pre-final 1"9 ahead of the FA Kart-Vortex of Roes (Ricky Flynn Motorsport).
Our other driver involved in KF class, the lady Jessica Backman, defended herself well, gaining the final with the twelfth place gained in the "A” pre-final.
In the final it was just Roes to stole our driver’s leadership but just for a short time. Basz soon took over the reins of the race winning it and signing, also, a formidable best lap with 48.013.
Backman ended in twenty-second place, struggling in the middle of the group.
In the overall rankings the "Blue" colour stands on all and Basz is first with eighty points.

KFJ. The path that led Drugovich to the final phase of the WSK Super Master opening round, was of a high standard but, in the end, the result has left us slightly disappointed. It remains clear that our Brazilian driver raced as a leader all the heats, showing the great competitiveness of the material made available to him.
Drugovich has prevailed in three heats out of four, and took the pole position for the "A” pre-final, where he alternated the lead during the early stages, with Lundgaard (Tony Kart-Vortex of Ward Racing).
At the half of the pre-final, the young Drugovich slightly lost contact with the leaders and was involved in the collision behind, finishing fourth place.
In the early stages of the final Drugovich slipped up at the eleventh position, succeeding, after half of the race, to climb up to eighth place. Position that earned him some valuable points in the standings, where he is ninth with seventeen points.

KZ2. The growth of Andreas Backman in the difficult category with the gear, further continued. Andreas joined seamlessly among the thirty finalists, closing the final in twenty-second place, after recovering some positions in the twenty laps of the final.

1rnd.    6-8 Marzo         Adria International Raceway (Italia)
2rnd.    20-21 Marzo      International Circuit 7 Laghi (Italia)
3rnd.    9-12 Aprile        International Circuit La Conca (Italia)
4rnd.    23-26 Aprile      International Circuit Napoli (Italia)